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The showroom is an innovative form of event that is characterized by its interactive and experience-oriented design. You can use our space to present your products, services or ideas in a creative way. Through interactivity, aesthetic staging and flexibility, you can create a unique platform for impressive experiences and lasting customer loyalty.

Forty Four


3 rooms (100 sqm, 120 sqm, 217 sqm)

9th floor with skyline view, 60 sqm roof terrace

up to 150 people seated & 199 people standing

Westend Tower


122 sqm room size

12th floor with skyline view, 100 sqm roof terrace

Up to 50 people seated & 75 people standing 



2 rooms (186 sqm, 105 sqm)

7th floor with skyline view, 262 sqm roof terrace

up to 120 people seated & 199 people standing

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