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The Forty Four

Forty Four



The Forty Four is our first PLACE TO BE and is located in Düsseldorf. In this unique location we invite you to be creative and break new ground in the conference and event market. With a breathtaking skyline over the city and the unique rooftop terrace, we have created the perfect location to meet all your needs and wishes for a unique event.  

We have furnished our two event rooms with movable furniture and also equipped them with multifunctional, innovative technology as to allow an individual set up as desired. A place that makes events tangible: WELCOME TO THE FORTY FOUR; welcome to Düsseldorf!

  • Meetings
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Meetings
  • After work
  • Networking events
  • Private events
  • Corporate events
  • Weddings
  • Christmas parties
  • Summer party
  • Competent and friendly support
  • Family flair
  • Flexible
  • Modern
  • Versatile
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Amsterdam Lounge1201002080104030
PLACE TO BE - Forty Four5001997019970190150

Wohnzimmer - Living room



Our PLACE TO BE Düsseldorf is a location to feel comfortable and relaxed. Our living room offers a cozy ambience. With 217 m2 and space for up to 199 people, this room offers plenty of space to unwind without the feeling of it being too big.
A mobile grandstand, lounge seating and built-in counter elements with comfortable bar stools invite to linger. The bright and friendly character of this room is complemented by the detailed decoration and is based on the scandinavian "hygge style".
The direct access to our roof terrace is the best feature for mild summer days.

Thanks to its innovative event technology, such as a 75 inch flat screen, integrated surround system, wireless microphones from Sennheiser® and the huge window facade that can be completely darkened, it is the perfect room for an event of any kind and can be adapted to your individual requirements.

  • SONOS sound system
  • 2 x flipchart & 1x pin board
  • UHD flat screen rollable
  • Individual seating for up to 200 people
  • Tables for up to 130 people
  • Outdoor kitchen & grill
  • 100 sqm roof terrace
  • DJ podium & sound system
  • three-tier rollable grandstand
  • 2x radio microphone
  • Lounge corner
  • All windows can be darkened

The Amsterdam Lounge



As opposites are known to attract, our Amsterdam Lounge is designed with a darker character compared to our living room and thus represents the modern loft in an industrial look. With its 120 m2, the Amsterdam Lounge offers space for fine events and meetings - whether its a frontal conference with up to 80 people or a small team cooking event, everything is imaginable and adaptable.

The Amsterdam Lounge is also equipped at the highest level: UHD flat screen, comprehensive W-LAN network and an integrated kitchen island

  • SONOS sound system
  • Wifi
  • 2 x flipchart & 1x pin board
  • UHD flat screen
  • Individual seating for up to 80 people
  • Outdoor kitchen & grill
  • 100 sqm roof terrace
  • Lounge corner
  • All windows can be darkened

In order to plan your event in the best and most efficient way possible, you’ll find an overview of frequently asked questions here:

Can I book your rooms individually?

Yes, you can book each area individually or as a whole unit, depending on group size and budget.

Is there a freight elevator?

Unfortunately not. We have three passenger elevators, each of which can carry 1,000 kg.

What are the dimensions of your elevators?

The elevators have the following dimensions:

w 88 x l 210 x h 215 (in cm)

Are there parking spaces?

We can provide 4 parking spaces in our underground car park.

On weekends, the employee parking lot next to the building can be used.

There is a public parking garage at Münsterstrasse 156 for a higher request of spots.

What equipment and technology are included?

Free of charge are:
200 chairs,
tables for up to 120 people,
two flip charts,
a pin board,
Sonos Dolby Surround in all rooms,
a Maui sound system for the DJ,
two wireless microphones,
a mixer,
four LED screens,
and lounge furniture.
The existing decoration etc. are also included.

Do you have a normal restaurant business?

No, our location is only open for booked events.

For a presentation on a screen, the rooms need to be as darkened - is this possible?

Yes, we can darken each window side separately with sun blinds. This is also done automatically in direct sunlight.

Is there extensive WiFi?

Yes, we have installed several access points throughout the location as to ensure good internet. By the way, our WiFi is free of charge to you.

Are there time restrictions for our event?

In general, we do not have any fixed time frames. For evening events we set a first “guideline” at 3:00 am. According to this, we would have to charge a separate surcharge per hour.

Can we have a spatial separation of the spaces?

Yes, the 44 forty four in Düsseldorf can be used multifunctionally and at the same time. The “Skyframe” also creates a fully acoustic separation.

Can we bring our own food / drinks?

Since we work closely with our catering partner Food Explorer, it is unfortunately not possible to organize your own catering

How big are your tables?

Our tables are 75cm x 150cm in size.

Can we decorate the location and move furniture?

Of course, you can decorate the location according to your taste and move furniture if possible. Whether you want to use a booked service provider or prefer to take it into your own hands is entirely up to you. If you need help, we are happy to guide you with our large network of service providers.

If the area is rearranged, the location needs to be reset to the original state.
Due to experience, the use of duct tape or adhesive tape on the floor is not permitted.

Is it allowed to put up my own signage?

Signs in the entrance area and in the elevators, using roll-ups or alike, are not permitted. However, you are welcome to book the LED wall in the foyer on the ground floor.

How fast is your WiFi?

Our WiFi has the following speed:
Download 250 Mbit
Upload 30 Mbit

How high is your air exchange rate?

Our air circulates 3 times an hour.

Also, out windows can be opened to ventilate the room.


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